Terrafirma 3.0

Terrafirma is a mapping tool for the Terraria game
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Terrafirma is a program for performing map modifications on the Terraria game maps.
Terraria is an action-adventure game in which you can dig, build and explore the map. In this vast 2D world, you can dig in the underground to find money or many useful things like ore, stone and other resources. Alternatively, you can build your own empire, and all the land creatures will gather in it on the search of a shelter; therefore, in a small phrase, you will be the "king of your castle."

Terrafirma can access the code of the game and modify it, resulting in the possibility for you to make modifications to the land structure, texture and brightness corrections. Simply run the program, and open a Terraria file directory. Now you are ready to make modifications and customize the map in any way you like. The program also lets you zoom around the map, zoom in on the any zones or modify the NPC (non personal characters) aspects. You can even make a darker zone of the map less dark, this way showing some aspects that couldn’t be seen without it.
Usually modifying game properties is pretty hard, but using this small program gives you the possibility of doing everything you want in the Terraria game that makes the game more enjoyable.

Rory Shaffer
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